Household Rubbish Removal In Randburg

Household Rubbish Removals Randburg

Household Rubbish Removal Randburg – Have you got a pile of rubbish that’s been building up over the days. Months or even years. We either have one of those, or we know someone that does. Household Waste can accumulate. That’s why you should give Rubble Removal Randburg a call. Chat to us about our Randburg Household Rubbish Removal Service. This service will help you gain back some one of that lost space in your home. Garage or garden by removing all the unnecessary junk, rubbish and clutter around your home.

Household Junk We Remove

Household Rubbish can be various kinds of junk you want to get rid of. Items like Soil, Gravel, Sand, Paving, Rocks and Trees. As well as Shrubs, Grass, Weeds, Old Decking Materials, Old Sheds, Old Gazebos, Boxes, Old Furniture. Left Over Renovation Materials. Dining tables, Daybeds, Chairs, Desks, Sofas, Packaging. Old Clothing. Decor. Bathroom Fixtures and Broken Toys in Randburg. Items we cannot remove is Hazardous Waste like Medical Waste, Nuclear Waste. We are not licensed to remove hazardous waste, this includes any Medical Waste. Nuclear Waste as well as items like, Pesticides. Batteries. Chemicals. Pharmaceuticals. Aerosols. Drums. Glue. Sludge. Solvents. Mercury Containing Waste or Cleaning agents.

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    How Household Rubbish Removals Works

    Step 1 – Determining Truck Size Needed

    Step 1Keep in mind we charge per load, depending on the size truck you need. So the best way to determine the size load is to send us a picture on WhatsApp to 074-814-2203 (Click Here) of the items you need removed. If it’s at all possible, try and put a person or object next to it.

    Step 2 – Booking Your Truck For Removal

    Step 2You can book with us in several ways. Book by telephone. SMS. WhatsApp Message. Social Media. Online Form. Online Booking System. Chat or with our new addition Book and Pay online by visiting – Bookings through here are given the highest priority.

    Step 3 – The Day Of The Removal

    Step 3Your driver will contact you on the day of your removal by telephone or SMS if they cannot get hold of you. Since we are faced with delays due to traffic jams at the dumping grounds or multiple loads at previous jobs. The driver will notify you well in advance if that is the case.

    Client Testimonials

    If you have used our services in the past and would llike to leave a review you can do so by Clicking Here. Good or Bad, your review is important to us as we use your input to know where we are going right and where we are going wrong.

    Answers To Common Household Rubbish Removal Questions

    The answer to that question can only be provided, once we know the size truck you need however our prices start at R650 per load. Discount is given on 3 or more loads or on project scope.
    You can make payment in several ways. Cash to the driver when job is complete. Electronic Transfer with an Invoice or Online Bookings using a credit/debit card.
    Yes it does the price includes labour to load and dumping fees.
    No we don’t, we’re not a municipal dumping ground.

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